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Magic:The Gathering Life Counter

Built with React and the Material UI library. Some special features include session storage for your game and custom hooks. The animations were made with React Spring. Deployed via Netlify.

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Angular and Ionic Practice Project

This is just a practice project I made in a few days to try and teach myself Angular and Ionic

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The Cadillac of To-do list Apps

A React app with an ASP.NET Core API backend. Includes a code-first database written using EF Core, and builds upon the existing .NET User DB and class packages. For Authentication, the app uses JWT plus a custom hook on the React side, and session storage. The front end was designed in React, CSS, the React-Bootstrap Library, and gently borrowed from many other designers and libraries. The API calls for getting user info, tasks, and task details are done using AJAX. Based on Brad Traversy’s React Crash Course with help from Web Dev Simplified.


A music-themed spin off of Reddit. ASP.NET MVC app, with Angular components as well. I used a combination of Bootstrap and CSS for styling and responsiveness. Includes authentication for creating individual user accounts, and utilizes the Spotify API to fetch data about tracks, artists, and albums. The backend is C#, and the database was spun up code first with EF Core. Email authentication done with the SendGrid API (until my trial expired). Inspired by Shawn Wildermuth’s ASP.NET and Angular app course.


A Web3 dApp written in React with the web3js and ethers js libraries, as well as solidity for the smart contract and truffle and ganache for testing. I used Ant Design for the UI components. The concept of this app is being able to store contractor's warranties on the blockchain. In this proof of concept, you can deploy a smart warranty and interact with it.

Try it yourself!